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Dark of the Moon
Happy Birthday
Timothy Leary, born October 22, 1920. I first came across Leary as a young girl in a Canadian Tire (I think) of all places. There was a Time Life book that I was flipping through, and there was a picture of an old, white haired man with this colorful, psychedelic backdrop. The picture itself was quite memorable, but the thing that really stuck with me all through the years was a quote. The exact wording escapes me now, but it was about how he had "lost it" and was just some crazy old man now. I've tried to find the exact quote or book since then but to no avail. I still have a lot to learn about him, but he holds a special place in my heart as someone who was true to himself and his ideals, despite criticism and ridicule. A free thinker who in turn made us think and question things, to "turn on, tune in and drop out." R.I.P.

cares office
Two weeks ago, before the trip, we spent another hour at the Gettysburg C.A.R.E.S office. My dad travels a lot for work and always saves the travel shampoos, conditioners, lotions, and soaps that hotels provide so that he can donate them. I knew he had saved up a large assortment so when my parents visited I asked him to bring any that he had. I brought a large bag with me to the office to donate and I think it was definitely appreciated. However, even though I thought I brought a lot of toiletries with me, when we organized them into different piles it was obvious how quickly the office runs out of supplies. I will try to bring more, but it was very eye opening to see how even a large donation can be used so quickly. Given the amount of people that go in and out of the office, it is obvious why things are used up so quickly, but it also goes to show how much donations are appreciated. I hope to somehow donate more to the office because of how much it provides for others, it is nice... (more)

Ray 3D
demo 2012
Montaje con algunos de mis trabajos realizados en los ultmos anos.

whenever one door closes, i hope one more opens
Just as you taint the fresh early morning breeze with your habitual smoke, I find myself looking for ways to counter your destruction. Should I plant a tree? Grow a garden? Are my subtle efforts enough already? All the same, to each his own, but it's always my hope that there is at least a balance, if not an offset tipped in my favor. I actually do care about we're doing to our lives, which is far more than I can say for the lot of them. (10-14-2007)

Health Products1
Teen Acne and The Best Treatment
Teenage acne is a very common skin disorder, which if treated early on, will help to prevent severe acne in adulthood. It usually starts somewhere between the ages of ten and thirteen, although some children start showing signs as early as eight years of age. As teenagers hit puberty, their hormones change which causes their body chemistry to change leading to an increased likelihood of acne. Often, teen acne or acne that occurs during adolescence is seen as just a phase, and so is not treated. However, the sooner you start treatment, the better the results will be. Early treatment can help keep your child's acne to a minimum, all through the teenage years. Teenagers usually eat more fast food, have oilier skin, and have more stress than they did as children, which factors all contribute to acne outbreaks. Teen acne is by far the most common form of acne in the world, and almost every teenager will get at least one small instance of acne during adolescence. Teenagers... (more)

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